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Mimpi Manis

Just across the road from the parent restaurant is the less formal and localised smaller restaurant of Mimpi Manis. This restaurant is also owned by head chef Ida Bagus from her bigger sister Kayo Manis. In the Indonesian language translation, the Kayo Manis restaurant is named after the chef’s wife Kayo, with the meaning of sweet wife. The Mimpi Manis name translates to Sweet Dreams ! The food in Mimpi is a mix of local Balinese foods and Italian inspirations, along with juices, soft drinks, cocktails and of course, Bintang Beer ! Check out their menu below……

to start with…

Mimpi salad – green lettuce, grilled chicken, bacon with Mimpi dressing

Balinese fish soup

Chicken corn soup

our Indonesian delights…

Nasi Campur

Nasi goring ayam – with fried egg and cracker

Ayam bumbu bali – spicy bali chicken with steamed rice and veg

Ikan bumbu bali – spicy bali fish with steamed rice and veg

Beef rendang – beef stew in coconut milk with a herb and spice, steamed rice and veg

Sate ayam – chicken sate with steamed rice and veg

Ayam bakarilled chicken with steamed rice and veg

Laksa – spicy chicken with prawn noodle and coconut soup

our Italian inspired pasta…


Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti tomato

Spaghetti aglio olio

Spaghetti aglio olio with chicken

Spaghetti carbonnara

our Italian inspired home made…

Gnocchi with tomato

Gnocchi with carbonnara

Gnocchi with bolognese

Gnocchi with pumpkin

..and also Italian home made…

Risotto with chicken

Risotto with prawn

Risotto with pumpkin and spinach

Or maybe just a side dish or sandwich ?

French fries

Sandwich – Beef or chicken or BLT

Spring roll

… and finish with a dessert.

Black sticky rice pudding with vanilla ice cream

Dadar gulung – sweet coconut rolled pancake with vanilla ice cream

Cocktails and Beer

Balinese mojito – Arak, lime, mint leaf with soda

Arak attack – Arak, lime and orange juice

Bali island – Arak, lime with coke

Arak lime – Arak and lime

BEER – Bintang (small)

Teas and coffee

Hot or Iced tea

Ginger tea

Balinese coffee

Fresh juices

Orange, Lime, Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Papaya or Banana.

Or a choice of two above

Soft drinks

Soda, Tonic, Sprite, Coca cola or Mineral Water